Traffic signalization - EU project

This is a totally completed electronic system for control of the automobile traffic through the Tunnel connecting Greece and Bulgaria
Political Party - Sofia

A modern multi-line LED information system,(purposed for the central of a political party) including automated module, which counts and visualizes the remaining days until the day, when Bulgaria will become a member of the European Union.
BNP Paribas Bank

Original idea for specific bank project, combining outdoor advertising display with digital informational system.
Bulgarian Post Bank

The High-Tech project includes advanced system for data transmission, connecting outdoor and indoor displays within the branches of the bank.
The best solution for stock and financial exchange- TD 433

The Outstanding performance for the Financial Exchange in Uzbekistan.
The Modern Airport

If you want to see a modern combined system for flight information to meet the needs of passengers and those expecting for a particular plane to land you just have to see the International Airport of Oman.
The Bursa City Municipality

One of our specialties - TD 501 and our client - the Bursa Municipality.
The Lokomotiv Stadium in Moscow and TD 569F

A perfect Information System for international football matches (incl. semi-finals at the World Cup events).
Something more to remember a horse-race with TD 816 in Norway

The Oslo Stadium in Norway is proud of our information system for horse races with information purposed for the viewers and the jockeys.
Sofia Metropoliten

Enhance your image with our System of LED timers - particularly proud of the project for the Metropoliten Subway in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia

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