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From 19 years Global Trade Net is a worldwide leader in distribution of LED-based products. The wide product range maintained by the company provides for the strong positions in a number of different sectors: finance and banking equipment, administration, building and architecture, sport, entertainment and leisure, tourism, advertisement, commerce and transport.
Global Trade Net Ltd. cooperate with reliable distribution network situated in 42 countries, covering 4 continents ( Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East).
Our business partners are leading companies, organizations and public institutions, which operate on the Bulgarian market and also many international business entities.
With over 19 years experience on domestic and international markets,today Global Trade Net Ltd. is a world leader in distributing different goods for business entities.
LED displays Megatex Banknote and coin counting machines De La Rue United Kingdom

Global Trade Net is certified under ISO 9001 Total Quality Standards.
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